BigPen National Team

Boss Isigi (The Executive Director): He is the pioneer of BigPen Program in partnership with ESF and voluntary organizations since March 19, 2018 with a purpose of experimenting, adopting and increasing public advocacy of Education21 skills from Enabling Support Foundation. BigPen initiates and coordinates online educative lessons through chat rooms, online classes, sports, culture, dance and poetry to maximize the potential of everyone.
Lucy Minyoso (BigPen Administrator): She is the one directing all control adverts at BigPen Program and ESF. She also updates clarity of products and services offered by BigPen. 
Laban Okoth (Public Relations): He conducts project research, suggests discussion educative topics, compiles suggestions in the public discussions and develops Monthly Reports on BigPen progress in all activities. He keeps watch on whether BigPen is within intended plan of action to give BigPen to focus our effort. 
Mary Kageha (Data Analysis): She requests, collects, compiles, analyses and releases all progress data developed in all BigPen Sites. 

Diana Andayi (Kucheza Kuimba): She is the master trainer for Kucheza Kuimba who trains and judges all schools BigPen member schools, she also experiments Keyboarding among children.

Ruth Wandia (Programmer): The spokesperson of BigPen Kenya who edits, verifies and updates information posted in all BigPen platforms with vast experience in different administrative roles.

Joseph N. Mucheru(Moderator): Presents, summarises and analyses online discussions, lessons and chatrooms with extension to  discipline of BigPen members.

Dr Bob Robert Zenhausern (Advisor): He directs Enabling Support Foundation (ESF) and the Program advisor at BigPen Program. Visit for more.  

BigPen Program Team,

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