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Certificate Admission Requirements .

Minimum D+ in KCSE.

 Diploma Admission Requirements 

1.) C Plain in KCSE or
2.) Certificate in ECDE from a recognized institution or
3.) P1 Certificate from a recognized institution with a minimum of a C-Diploma 

ECDE Students
KingPin ECDE class of 2019

 Study Duration 
2 academic years(equivalent to 6 semesters)

Intake: Every April, August and November. The course comprises advanced studies in ECDE, teaching practice and dissertation following an approved Ministry of Education Syllabus.

Examination Regularly
The final examination body is KNEC.

Graduation Requirements 
Student shall be required to have taken all scheduled lessons within the expected time.

Program Intake 
Application is going on now according to all terms and conditions before the beginning of the following semester for ECDE program preparation.

Mode of Study 
Full-time and in-service Program.

Computer classes.
Practical computer lessons in KingPin ECDE College .  ECDE students have schedules for both theory and practical IT studies.











Free Computer Studies (IT)

KingPin offers free computer certificate course to all ECDE Students.

  • Motto: Learning with a difference.
  • Slogan: Power of reliability right from the start. 
  • Mission: Moving early childhood education to the 21st Century.
  • Vision: KingPin to be the most affordable learning center offering educational value that continually anticipates and maximizes the potential and ability of everyone in the community.
  • Values: KingPin believe in commitment, professionalism, flexibility, adaptability, social responsibility, cooperation, teamwork, fairness, respect, openness, honesty, integrity and community value.
  • Goals and Objectives: KingPin to be a trusted and specialized early childhood research, training and resource center. Education of the 21st Century is a key learning tool that attempts to help children come to school reading and writing.

    Fee Structure

    Fee per program varies with time. For details on fee and account number concerning KingPin ECDE College kindly contact the admissions office.

    Application forms

    Application forms are obtained from the admissions office.