BigPen Job Connections

Latest jobs you can apply for

  1. Day care assistant:- A lady is needed to take care for babies in a day care  of young children in Lilies Kindergarten who can work in Umoja 3 from 7:00am to 6:00pm.
  2. ECDE teacher for play group:- Lilies Kindergarten needs a teacher for play group class who is ready to work from term 2(May 2019)
  3. Teaching Vacancy: - At this time, KingPin Children Center has a teaching vacancy for a qualified and experienced preschool ECDE teacher who has experience in handling playgroup children.
  4. Preschool Teaching vacancy : - Junior Yard is in search of an ECDE teacher who is ready to work with minimal supervision when handling preschool children.


BigPen ONLY offers free valuable services to its active members. None members are charged administration and procession at a reasonable cost.

Send your request to 0742-840-115 (free service)

BigPen help school head teachers and directors get ECDE teachers or other workers and other caregivers so easily from willing people who have dropped their CVs on our table searching for jobs. This service is free of charge (to BigPen member schools). We also help teachers who do not have jobs and who are searching for jobs to get employment chances without paying anything

KingPin Kenya has a variety of opportunities in two categories (as explained below in 1 and 2) to expose the willing people to be exposed to real practical working experience.

  1.  Employment Vacancies

BigPen is growing and it is in need of people to work within nearly every month. Candidates who qualify are given opportunity to work in the specified tasks . Terms and conditions apply in each category and so apply where appropriate, according to your qualification, experience and passion.

  1. Attachment Opportunities for volunteers

We also have a lot of attachment opportunities for youth who need to try out their skills as volunteers in BigPen workforce. After a period of experience, volunteers get straight jobs in KingPin Kenya, BigPen Association, GoShare Sacco or Isigi50Foundation. We are also able to refer qualified candidates to other organizations in occasions where we have full staff or in case BigPen do not have a vacancy.