Who are Isigi50Foundation ?

uniform donation
School fee donation to an orphan at KingPin Children Center

The name Isigi means " friends supporting Isigi " in the mission to Empower the youth with a target to support education of needy children. The symbol 50 means helping the guardian to meet 50% of the needs of the needy child ,leaving the parent with a responsibility to sustain the remaining 50%. Our Location We are in Silanga, Kibera slums of Nairobi. Our headquarters office is in Kingpin Children Center,which is 2 kilometers drive off Mbagathi Road,through High rise.


Isigi50Foundation(Isigi50) was informally initiated by Boss Isigi way back in January 2018 . Mr Isigi supported the first eight children out of his own pocket before later involving his friends . Today , any willing friend can join Isigi50Foundation by open voluntary membership . The Foundation was launched officially to friends on 26th October, 2018 ,setting its headquarter office in Kingpin. Currently, the Foundation is focusing on Financial Youth Empowerment through establishing and supporting sustainable projects alongside supporting Education of the needy children in the community in Nyayo High Rise,Silanga,Kibera. Isigi50Foundation offers microfinance services to support member youths( between the age bracket between 18 years to 35 years). The Foundation creates sustainable projects for the unemployed youth .


We owe all praise and worship to God for the gift of life and good health. It is reasonable enough to show salute in respect the following people who are well responsible for our progress in Isigi50Foundation activities.

1. Mr James Kioko.

He is a good friend to Boss Isigi. He is the founder and C.E.O. of Neema Education Center in Silanga Kibera. He invited Boss Isigi in a two days workshop that was conducted in his school , courtesy to AIC church. It is suspected Mr Kioko invitation was a greenlight to all the work now proceeding within Isigi50Foundation.

2. Pastor Josephine Kiarii.

She is the and the founder and C.E.O of HOPE for life Kenya,and a pastor of AIC church .She is one of the positive motive mentors who encouraged Boss Isigi to initiate a sustainable Youth Empowerment Program. Pastor Josephine used the teaching of Jesus in the book of John 6:1 - 14 ,which taught on JESUS FEEDS THE FIVE THOUSAND to facilitate a transformational workshop in a two days workshop from 12th and 13th October 2018 . This workshop is the basic skill that triggered the establishment of Isigi50Foundation.

3. Dr Robert Zenhausern

Dr Robert is hosting this website domain in which Isigi50Foundation is displayed. Dr Robert is the President and C.E.O of Enabling Support Foundation(ESF). Boss Isigi is working under Dr. Robert as ESF volunteer. Isigi is now the Director of Education in Nairobi for ESF working with the grassroot Nairobi on the concept of Early Reading(Education21). Without the support of Dr Robert, Isigi50Foundation could not have found its print on the website.

4. Strategic Partners

These are willing investors . They listen at our business plan,and fall in sympathy with our mission statement. They lend us money. We work with the money at an agreed rate. They earn interest at the end of the agreed period.

2. Purpose (vision)& mission)


To empower the youthful parent population so that they can sustain their families Mission To empower the Youth through capacity building ( offering free entrepreneurial skills ) , microfinance services(savings and loaning) to help these youth develop self sustainable economic abilities that can guide them create jobs for themselves and others around them

3. Board of Management

The control and influence in this section has two levels,the thinkers and the executives

a) Share holder.

These are group of people who buy their rights (through shares) of managing the Foundation according to how they think the objectives of the foundations can be best achieved . They earn interest on profit made in every six months corresponding to the percentage of the shares they hold . They abide by the terms and conditions set in the objective bylaws of the Foundation. They spend time thinking on the practicalities and possibilities . They buy and renew their rights every year not exceeding 5% . These people are responsible for decisions made by the Foundation within the year of their rights. They are vetted and then endorsed by the executive board of management.

b) The executives

This section entails the people working on the ground . Isigi50Foundation is a growing initiative that is managed by yearly elective people who actively play the role of a chairperson( Lavender Anjela ),secretary(Caroline Awino ),treasurer (Mary Kageha), and an internal Auditor ( Walter Odhiambo ).

4. Research , Monitoring and Evaluation (formative-ongoing,summative) +


We are focusing on improving our quality, our performance and productivity in relationship to our major goal. Formative research is done in every one month while summative research is done in every six months. This is done by sample interviews and written anonymous questionnaires. The internal auditor is one of the officials in the executive management. He has a committee that analyzes the service development in a household . Quick adopters are expected to lead a change in in than 3 months. Slow adopters are expected to show a positive change by the end of the first year.

5. Recommendations

All the possible recommendations out if reports compiled from our research will be updated in every six months. 6. Staffing and Leadership. Isigi50Foundation now operates with probono staff to reduce budget on salary and motivation. However the youths employed are paid on commission to encourage them to work more for more profit. Each task team has a leader who works on voluntary for 3 months and start getting paid on the the fourth month. This helps the youth to be motivated depending on the results of their efforts.

7. Membership - voluntary ( open door policy ) Anyone in sympathy with our objectives is welcomed to join Isigi50 voluntarily. Membership is by default of open door policy. This means you only join at will or drop out at will . You can be a member as either a youth, a parent/guardian,a champion, a well wishers , a strategic partners,a church, an investor. Your membership depends on which category are you as described below;

  • Youth- between the age of 18 years to 35 years of age. Registration fee is Ksh. 100 and a monthly donation of Ksh. 100 to support the needy child (orphan and poor).
  • Parent/guardian- any age bracket, register at Ksh. 100 and donate Ksh. 100;every month to support the needy / underprivileged child.
  • Champion- any age. You should be a leader from your own background in the community. Either a leaders of a school , a youth group or a women group . You register by Ksh . 1,000 and donate Ksh. 100 every month. You should be able to advocate and sensitize youth,both men and women to join or support Isigi50Foundation.
  • Well wishers- Any age,register by Ksh. 100 but you can donate any amount above Ksh. 100 per month to support the Needy children.
  • Strategic Partner- Any age,any location, no registration required. You can partner with any possible resources you wish to offer. Mutual agreement will define the terms and conditions of partnership and membership.
  • Church- No age limit. You must be a church leader for the youth,women,men or you have influence in your church. No registration required, mutual open agreement will define the terms and conditions of partnership and membership
  • Investor-No age limit,anyone above 18 years. No registration fee required. Mutual open agreement will define terms and conditions of membership and partnership


How to register

When you register as a donor here,we call you a donor,and so you will appear on our website page as a donor member. Thank you for showing interest to be an active donors to Isigi50 . Registration is simple; Send a text with your name starting with the word REGISTER to either;Phone number 0742-840-115 (Or email; For example , if your name is DARIUS , then your first text should simply look like this :-- " REGISTER DARIUS " A reply notification to your text will typically be quick in less than two minutes to guide you on how to register the growing Isigi50Foundation. Join Now

8. Benefits to members(we name them as donors)

This section justifies why you will benefit as a member. As a member you will benefit as follows:

  1. Every member(donor) can get a soft loan of 2% interest per week.Your loan limit increases as you proceed borrowing and paying back the loan on time.This means that if you borrow Ksh. 1,000 you pay back with only Ksh. 20 for a week. If you borrow Ksh 500,you will pay back with only Ksh. 10. You will get instant loans without a guarantor. This will help all members to boost their businesses each day. Once you are a member you get your first loan even without having any savings with us. 
  2. All member(donor) will be allowed to attend capacity building workshops for free. They will pay nothing at all.They can ask for help in their businesses free of charge without any charges.
  3. Job opportunities. Isigi50Foundation is growing and it is in need of people to work within nearly every month. Members(donors) will be considered first, before hiring non-members .
  4. Member Parents/guardian of the children in Isigi50 program will get 50% support of the needs of one child for schooling per family , Therefore Isigi50 focuses on households as follows;

a.) Isigi50 pays only 50% per month of the school fee for every child registered in the program for the first 18 months. The rest of the fee is completed by the guardians.

b.) Isigi50 provides school basic uniform for the first 18 months. For boys,we provide one school bag,one dozen of writing exercise books, a shirt , a short and two pairs socks per year. For girls, we provide one school bag,one dozen of writing exercise books, dress, two pairs of socks.The guardian is expected to provide responsibly the remaining learning necessities required by the child.

c.) Isigi50 cares about economic development of the households. Every guardian of the child in Isigi50 program is trained free of charge on small scale entrepreneurial skills . This will help the guardian to be able to support the child after 18 months .guardian should be taught how to fish for themselves and their children,rather than remain wanting to be given a fish.

9. Target population.

Isigi50Foundation targets to support the development of Sustainable Economic Activities of the Youths (18 to 35 years) to support education of the needy or underprivileged children ( orphans and unfortunate) of the age between 3years to 10 years. 10. Goals(roles) & objectives (services offered) a) Help youth,women and men to develop sustainable projects through capacity building trainings. b) Create job opportunities using local available market and demand to eradicate poverty c) Promote quality basic education to the needy and less fortunate children in the slums of Kibera .

11. Achievements (Recent advances)

  • We have extended to five schools in Kibera.
  • Increased child sponsorship - we have increased the number of children we have sponsored from 8 to 10 children
  • For the first time,we have sponsored preschool children who will be given school uniform besides bursary for school fee and stationary.
  • We have enrolled 5 youth for the free entrepreneurship skills.
  • For the first time,members will be able to get soft loan at a 2% interest per week.The first loan is Ksh. 500. The loan increases the more a members repays it on time. The loan is instant on request as long as a member has The interest at hand.

12. Consequences(possible solutions)

Positive consequences of the Foundation is that;-

  • It brings genuine friends together who has unity of purpose with passion with the youth and needy children.
  • (i50) has been able to support needy children (orphans & unfortunate) by raising 50% of the basic needs of education of the 10/children within our program.
  • (i50) has created employment to the youth at a commission pay. This gives youth the chance to develop themselves.
  • (i50) provides free entrepreneurship training and consultancy to all youth enrolled in the program.

13. Important response (Systematic approach)

The whole organization in Isigi50Foundation calls for all friends to come together and have one voice ,one acord. Pulling all little resources we have together makes a different. Some come with friends,some come with gifts,networks or prayers and encouragement .

14. Challenges (Emerging issues)

The response is low from the community because very few people are willing to register and donate. Majority of the people in the slums are used to the reverse,they are used to being given for free. They don't like involving themselves in movements that ask help from them. Some people fail to join because they feel it is a coning trick . Such people are very suspicious and they end up asking so many questions with little help or no donations at all . Therefore the resources mobilized from members donations are not enough to run all our program well. Some people in the society are suspicious that maybe Isigi50Foundation is an online scam like any other pyramid scams,so they luck confidence with us. Other people think that there is a sponsor who supports our activities but we do not disclose. They don't easily trust that we do not have money or resources, they take long to understand that we are still looking for sponsors, and we have not gotten any sponsor yet.

15. Areas requiring improvement

We need to mobilize more resources from more economic activities and stop waiting for members donations. We need to seek more network with other like minded institutions to help us source through fundraisers and sponsorship. We also need to involve to develop Sustainable projects for long term sustainability.

16. Expansion

With much resources and financial stability in place,we can be able enroll more needy children and more youth into our program. It will take time,but with consistency,we shall make it.

17. Source of Funding(Resources)

Our quotation and budget us farm more than our current avenues of financial resource.The main source of funding at this time is members donations each month. We are now establishing other sources of funds like microfinance and small scale business projects. Our list is growing but the members are still very few,and we can not entirely depend on them ,the monthly contribution alone can not support all the activities in (i50) program such as school fee payment ,buying of school necessities, paying of trainers and expansion . There is need to find better ways of sourcing more funds by such as occasional fundraising, donations from well wishers and sustainable economic activities.

18. List of Donors.

Our members contributes 1 USD (Ksh. 100). That is why we call them donars.People have recently shown interest and our membership list grows every time. We are targeting at least 50 members. Only registered and active members are published here. Our donor members are;

  1. Boss Isigi,
  2. Phanice Shumila
  3. Lavender Anjela,
  4. Mary Kageha,
  5. Caroline Awino,
  6. Walter Odhiambo,
  7. Mohammed Isigi,
  8. Pastor Judy Yabwetsa,
  9. Diana Luyayi
  10. Judy Akinyi
  11. Pauline Juma,
  12. Maurine Makungu
  13. Florence Aoko
  14. Dorothy Akoth.
  15. Evelyn Gagai.
  16. Seline Otieno.

19. Database.

We are creating a spread sheet with data of all our members. We collect the basic information including the name,age,gender, interest,e-mail address and phone contacts.

20. Sensitization & Advocacy (set roles).

We are sensitizing the community about Isigi50Foundation using our champions Champions are all the willing leaders of the community who has come in to join effort with Isigi50Foundation to reach out to more youth and needy children in the community. You should be a leader from your own background in Kibera community. They are either leaders of a school , a church , a youth group or a women group . They have registered with a commitment fee and are donation one dollar every month to support the activities of the foundation like any other member. The registered champions are Phanice Shumila(the Founder and C.E.O of Bloom Children Centre), Seline Otieno (Founder and CEO at Blessed Children Center,and Administrator at GoShare Poultry Sacco), Pauline Juma( Founder and CEO at Junior Yard Center).

21. Networking.

Are you touched and interested? Do you have anything to share with us? Join us now. You can help us with your help in form of either ;your prayers, your expertise in entrepreneurial skill for the guardian development, volunteer to train in our workshops , donate to school fee sponsorship , connecting us to like minded networks that can either support our activities or support the children or other forms of support. You are warmly welcome.