Isigi50Foundation (i50) is sponsored by BigPen Kenya online lessons as an initiative in Kenya. BigPen Kenya since January 2018 has supported school fee of bright and orphan needy children with a coupled dream that aims to establish community projects that will create job opportunities to the unemployed youth and women. i50 seeks partnership with any well wisher.

Who are Isigi50Foundation?

BigPen Kenya built a synergy of friends who can work in community projects and keep some part of their income to support bright and orphan needy children. i50 has a team that scouts towards partnering with friends who are willing to empower the youth with a target of supporting education of needy children. The symbol 50 means i50 helps half way, in the sense that the beneficiaries are supported by 50% of their school fee.


To empower the youth by creating employment opportunities in community projects along side helping the needy in the society.


To be a reliable empowerment program that supports youth through capacity building (offering free entrepreneurial skills), microfinance services (savings and loaning) to help these youth develop self sustainable economic abilities that can guide them create jobs for themselves and others around them. This will directly and indirectly support needy children in the community.


Membership is open to anybody who is in sympathy with i50 objective. To become a member, registration is simple; Send a text with your name starting with the word REGISTER to either; Phone number 0742-840-115 For example, if your name is DARIUS , then your first text should simply look like this :-- " REGISTER DARIUS " A reply notification to your text will typically be quick in less than two minutes to guide you on how to register the growing Isigi50Foundation. You can also email us through 

Benefits to members

A registered member benefits in the following way;

  • Access to soft loan of 10 % interest for 28 days. You can get a loan up to 2 times your savings. Your loan limit increases as you proceed borrowing and paying back the loan on time.
  • Job opportunities. Isigi50Foundation advertises jobs to members first before hiring nonmembers.
  • Sponsorship to needy and bright students. Isigi50 pays only 50% per month of the school fee for every child registered in the program. The rest of the fee is completed by the guardians.
  • Occasional donation of basic school uniforms, school bags, writing exercise books, shirts, shorts, socks and dresses. We welcome well wishers who can help in any way they can.
  • Skill development training from willing organizations at lucky times.

Target beneficiaries.

  1. Needy/underprivileged children ( orphans and unfortunate) of the age between 3years to 10 years. 
  2. Youth of both genders.
  3. Any other people in the society.

i50 Objectives

  • To help youth of all gender, women and men to develop sustainable projects through capacity building trainings.
  • To create job opportunities using local available market and demand to eradicate poverty.
  • To promote quality basic education to the bright needy and less fortunate children in the slums of Kibera.
  • To offer soft loans at affordable rates.


  1. Increased child sponsorship from 8 to 10 children
  2. Successfully donated 1 dozen of exercise books to children this year.
  3. Sustained school fee bursary for school fee throughout the year.
  4. Given soft loans to members the whole year.


  • Positive consequences of the Foundation are that it has;- Brought genuine friends together who has unity of purpose with passion with the youth and needy children.
  • Supported needy children (orphans & unfortunate) by raising 50% of the basic needs of education of the 10/children within our program.
  • Created employment to the youth at a commission pay. This gives youth the chance to develop themselves.
  • Provided free entrepreneurship training and consultancy to all youth enrolled in the program.

Challenges.(Emerging issues)

Finances are the main challenge.

Areas requiring improvement

  • We need to create sustainable projects. 
  • i50 need to seek more network with other like minded people and institutions to help us source funds through fundraisers and sponsorship.

Source of Funding (Resources)

  1. 80% of funding depends on Isigi & Lucy out of pocket budget.
  2. Interest charged on soft loans.

Isigi50Foundation is now mobilizing funds to start a charcoal pellets project that might be a major financial support as soon as it will start. There lucks sufficient capital to start. We welcome any one who would like to partner with us to make the project a reality.


Are you touched and interested? Do you have anything to share with us? Join us now. You can help us in form of either your prayers, your expertise in entrepreneurial skill for the youth, volunteer to train in our workshops, donate to school fee sponsorship , connecting us to like minded networks that can either support our activities or support the children or other forms of support. You are warmly welcome.


We are in Silanga, Kibera slums of Nairobi. Our headquarters office is in Kingpin Children Center, which is 2 kilometers drive off Mbagathi Road, through High rise.


You can reach us through ( or call 0742-840-115.