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Profile and Fee Structure

Diploma in ECDE 

  • Motto: Learning with a difference.
  • Slogan: Power of reliability right from the start. 
  • Mission: Moving early childhood education to the 21st Century.
  • Vision: KingPin to be the most affordable learning center offering educational value that continually anticipates and maximizes the potential and ability of everyone in the community.
  • Values: KingPin believe in commitment, professionalism, flexibility, adaptability, social responsibility, cooperation, teamwork, fairness, respect, openness, honesty, integrity and community value.
  • Goals and Objectives: KingPin to be a trusted and specialized early childhood research, training and resource center. Education of the 21st Century is a key learning tool that attempts to help children come to school reading and writing.
  • Fee Structure

Fee per program varies with time. The current details on fee and account number concerning KingPin ECDE College are listed below;

Admission:  Fee of Ksh. 1,000

Fee per semester: Ksh.  7,000 with Separate Ksh. 500 for lunch.

Internal Exams: Inclusive in the fee

Number of Semesters: 6 semesters within two (2) academic years.

Other Requirements : One (1) Ream of ruled foolscaps, two manila papers and One (1) spring file. Students buy their own textbooks according to the few units learnt All these are brought only once and you will never buy them again.

  • Application forms

Application forms are obtained from the admissions office after paying admission fee and all your academic papers verified.

  • Why Join KingPin ECDE College

There are several good reasons why you should choose to pursue your ECDE Diploma level in KINGPIN ECDE COLLEGE.

1). You will be guided by qualified and experienced tutors.

2). KingPin lessons are CBC integrated.

3). Good learning environment

4). KingPin offer job opportunities in our own KingPin Preschool or we refer you to other schools through BigPen Program-Kenya.

 5). After graduation, KingPin offers help on TSC Number application assistance.

 6). Final Examination Body is  KNEC

 7). There will be subsidized fee for applicants who will register for before 15th November . They will not pay 8,200 per semester, they will pay 7,000

 8).Free Computer Studies (IT) . KingPin always offers free computer  packages to every ECDE student as a free gift package. We teach and give you the certificate, all the nine packages free of charge.

Join us soon at KINGPIN ECDE COLLEGE , Help desk (0742-840-115)

For help, talk to KingPin Authorized guides on this list 1: Jacklyne Agesa 2. Boss Isigi