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The Enabling Support Foundation

                                     Maximizing the Potential of everyone


ESF strategy is: Find them and we will build it together. ESF has created Peace Flame network of collaborating organizations that support Human Development and Enrichment  to support persons with disabilities and school children.

Home: Visit as your starting point. When you are at the home page, look at the top of your browser window and  you will see other tabs labeled Education21, Register, Peace Flame and Individuals.

Education21 Tab: Shows you the history of Education for the 21ST Century from 1990 to present in different sections. For more, hit

Register Tab: Allows you to register and join ESF and the Peace Flame. Click on Register tab and enter your details for free. You will be given an office 365 shantideep account to help you share or learn with ESF team mates globally. Key in and register.

Peace Flame Tab: The Peace Flame Network facilitates activities of organization that support Human Growth and Development. To join the Peace Flame database, key in and follow the guide.

Individuals: You may have skills that will help to grow the Peace Flame Network. The individual register will help you interact with different people who has diverse experiences. When you register, you appear here. To view the register, you may click on .

                                                                                                     BigPen Director,Boss Isigi